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In these awkward times the growing of vegetables has many clear advantages, apart from the health benefits of eating your own fresh vitamin packed produce You will not be reliant on supermarkets or suppliers and a vegetable patch is capable of providing all year round sustenance for you and your family.

If you are new to gardening or inexperienced and want expert advice on growing vegetables or would like us to help build you a patch to grow your own produce please do get in touch. Its simple and easy to do and with our proven techniques you will be given the correct knowledge and help to sow and plant a whole range of roots-salad-fruits and leaves for cooking.

The secret to growing fabulous produce is knowing what and when to sow and plant.  The advice on seed packets can sometimes be miss-leading and often wrong. You can access our knowledge on storing vegetables and fruit and we can also give advice should you need it, on cooking your new fresh produce.

We would love to hear from you so please contact us on: 07970 509872 day time or evening.


We have been creating gardens, since 1998 from design through to planting and amongst our many skills and disciplines we offer:

Planting & Turf / Walling, Terracing & Levels / Boundary Fencing / Water Features / Snow Structures / Driveways / Paving & Pathways / Decking & Pergolas / Hedging & Trees / Vegetable Gardens

Please review all our pages to see examples of our work within that specific discipline.

We also build a range of garden buildings and offices, all the structures are designed to fit the garden and the customers brief, they can be built from an extensive range of timbers, stone or brick.

You can contact Stuart Saunders on 07970 509872 day time or evening. Or email stuart.saunders@hotmail.co.uk


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